Soil Systems for Residential Use

Developed and manufactured with quality, innovation and longevity in mind, Polypipe Building Products’ soil range is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced in the UK residential market.

Take, for example, our PolySoil™ systems. Manufactured using single-piece moulding technology, they offer improved performance and system durability. This, in conjunction with our Ring Lock Seal technology, removes the risk of seal distortion and dislodging during fitting, for straightforward, secure installation.

Our PolySoil™ and Solvent Weld soil systems are available in an extensive range of colours and sizes, making them suitable for most projects.

When it comes to heritage projects where both product and installation costs are a consideration, our Cast Iron Effect ring seal system combines traditional aesthetics with modern performance. In instances where cast iron might be specified for its sound-deadening qualities, we also offer our Acoustic Soil system, maximising resident comfort while remaining cost-effective.

However, none of these advancements are at the expense of the environment. Polypipe has invested heavily in technology which allows us to use more recycled materials in our products and systems, while still ensuring compliance with stringent Kitemark standards. This is evidenced by our Multi-layer soil pipe, which has at least 50% recycled material in its core.

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