Water Management Solutions

The concept of sustainable water management is a major driver in the UK construction industry. Extreme rainfall events, driven by climate change, are becoming ever more frequent. In response, the Government has introduced legislation such as the Floods and Water Management Act 2010 which sets out ways to manage surface water via sustainable drainage systems (SuDS).

We have responded to this challenging market by leading the way, through our intelligently engineered, holistic water management solutions, which aid in the management of water from roof to river.

Types of water management solutions

Polypipe has a range of solutions for different needs, including, geocellular and large diameter pipe systems for surface water retention, attenuation and infiltrationsurface water treatment products, flow control devices and rainwater re-use solutions.

All of which are supported by our in-house Design, Fabrication and Product Support Teams. By remaining at the forefront of industry developments and changes to ever demanding legislation, our team offers unbiased advice and consultation, alongside leading product solutions, to comply with modern regulations and overcome difficult site constraints.

Shoebox Membrane

Polystorm Shoebox Membrane

The Polypipe Shoebox Membrane is used alongside our geocellular Polystorm product range converting them from soak-away solutions to impermeable attenuation tanks.

Polystorm Shoebox Membrane

The Polypipe Shoebox Membrane is used alongside our geocellular Polystorm product range converting them from soak-away solutions to impermeable attenuation tanks.     ...

Permavoid Geocellular System
The Permavoid system comprises of high strength modular cells suitable for sub-base replacement, plus components that incorporate silt / oil treatment and shallow flow controls into the system.  
Polystorm Geocellular System
Polystorm Geocellular System for deep applications, the tried and tested Polystorm geocellular range is designed to provide surface water retention, surface water attenuation or surface water infiltration at a variety of depths.
Ridgistorm-XL Large Diameter Pipe System
Ridgistorm-XL is an engineered large diameter pipe system, in diameters 750-3000mm, for use in a wide variety of applications including surface water, foul water, combined sewers, large scale flood alleviation schemes, renewable energy and even displacement ventilation.
Rainstream RXL Rainwater Re-Use
Rainstream from Polypipe offers a range of highly effective solutions for the retention, filtration and re-use of rainwater in commercial and residential applications.
Rainstream Water Storage & Re-use System
Rainwater management system offering a range of highly-effective solutions for the filtration, storage, attenuation and re-use of rainwater in commercial applications and public buildings.
Rainwater Interception System
Rainwater Interception System for Commercial and Public Buildings roofs and podiums
Infraweb Tree Root Protection
The protection of exisiting trees on development sites is vital to maintain our Green Infrastructure.
FlowBlock is a high strength modular recycled grass protection system designed to maintain grass surfaces that are subject to vehicular traffic.
SlimBlock is a high strength modular paving system manufactured from recycled plastic. The 500mm x 500mm units can be infilled with grass or gravel depending on the easthetic requirements of the site.
TreeBox HP
Modern urbanised towns and cities are increasingly becoming warmer, wetter and less hospitable places to live.
Ridgistorm Chambers
Providing a unique and comprehensive service through our in-house fabrication facility, we are able to create fully engineered solutions to precisely match specific project requirements.
ArborRaft Tree Root Development
The ArborRaft combines tree soil with a geocellular raft system to create growing space for newly planted and existing trees in hard landscapes and in areas subject to vehicle loadings.
ArborRaft Tree Root Protection
The damage casued by tree roots lifting pavements and disturbing services is now eradicated by using the ArborRaft system.    
Permavoid: Sports Pitches
Permavoid solutions for sports and equestrian surfaces. Permavoid creates durable, sustainable and cost-effective sports surfaces for leisure, education and professional sporting applications. Our systems combine total consistency of playing surface with superb water management characteristics.

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